Cosmetic Modifications

  • "Club DSM" oil cap, courtesy Eric Plebani ($35)
  • "Club DSM" License Plate Frames, courtesy Jason Lanstra ($8)
  • Tinted Glass, 35% on door, limo on hatch, courtesy some dude in Burley ($160)
  • Mitsubishi Shop Manual, courtesy Jewels Harrison Ford\Mitsu ($109.73)
  • HJC FG-3K Autocross helmet, courtesy Thompsons Suzuki ($103.95)
  • Uniden LRD 6199SWS Radar Detector ($90)
  • Polished lettering on the valve cover
  • Yellow vacuum hoses in the engine bay, Courtesy Road Race Engineering ($18.60)
  • Schroth Rallye 4 harness with pads, Courtesy Road Race Engineering ($145.00)
  • Real Carbon Fiber spark plug cover, Courtesy Archer Racing ($50.00)

Preformance Modifications

Braking and Handling


Mods that are on here, on order, and will be installed sometime shortly

  • I have a 1990 cylinder head here, going to have Creative Concepts flow bench and port it.  This head will also have some confidential parts added to it and a few things like that.  As for when this gets installed, lets just say i've been meaning to install it since 2002, and it is still in my garage.
  • Whatever breaks next
  • Confidential :)

Future Mods

  • Hrmm...

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