You are 18 years old and have a life threatening disease.  One day you pass away and your family decides that instead of burying you, they will freeze your body in the hopes that in the future, they can defrost you, and use advanced medical technology that has been developed in order to heal your body and revive you. One day, you wake up, and are told that you died many years ago, and that you were revived and are now healthy again.

You are also told that today is November 7th, and because it is Election Day you need to vote.  They have a ballot for you to vote with.  Because you have been frozen so long, you donít recognize the names of the two people running for President.

They tell you that they have prepared a short biography of each person so that you may make a choice without just guessing.   Here is what the biographies say.  

CANDIDATE "A": A well known critic of government, this man has been involved in tax protest movements, and has openly advocated secession, armed rebellion against the existing national government, and even the overthrow of that government.  He is a known member of a militia group that was involved in a shootout with law enforcement authorities.  He opposes the gun control efforts of the present government as well as the restrictions it imposes on open immigration into this country.  He is a businessman who has earned his fortune from such businesses as alcohol, tobacco, retailing and smuggling.  

CANDIDATE "B": A decorated army war veteran, this man is an avowed nonsmoker and dedicated public health advocate.  His public health interests include the fostering of medical research and his dedication to eliminating cancer.  He opposes the use of animals in conducting such research.  He has supported restrictions on the use of asbestos, pesticides, and radiation, and favors government determined occupational health and safety standards, as well as the promotion of such foods as whole-grain bread and soybeans.  He is an advocate of government gun-control measures.  An ardent opponent of tobacco, he has supported increased restrictions on both the use of and advertising of tobacco products.  Such advertising restrictions include: [1] not allowing tobacco use to be portrayed as harmless or a sign of masculinity; [2] not allowing such advertising to be directed at women; [3] not drawing attention to the low nicotine content of tobacco products; and [4] limitations as to where such advertisements may be made.  This man is a champion of environmental and conservationist programs, and believes in the importance of sending troops into foreign countries in order to maintain order therein.

Now that you know about the life, and goals of the two candidates, please completely fill in the box for the person you wish to cast your ballot for.

1.   Candidate A
2.  Candidate B