Picture of Idaho.I was born in Provo Utah, but moved to Burley shortly thereafter. I have attended school in Burley all my life. I went to Springdale Kindergarten, Dworshak Elementary School, Mountain View Intermediate school, Burley Jr. High School, and graduated from Burley High School in 1991.

After High School, I attended the College of Southern Idaho. During this time, I lived at home and attended classes in both Burley and Twin Falls. There was even one semester that I had 18 credits right in town without even going to Twin. In 1993 I graduated with an AA degree in Education.

I then attended Idaho State University for another two years with some great friends, one of which I went to school with from 1st grade to High School. We commuted to ISU as well. This meant getting up at 5:00AM to catch the bus at K-Mart in Burley at 6 in the morning. We slept all the way to Pocatello. We arrived on campus at about 7:30. Joaquin and I would eat breakfast in the SUB and then he would go to class. When he left, it was time for a nap… Myself and a couple other friends would go up on the top floor of the sub and find ourselves a couple couches to sleep for an hour, it was pretty hard to find a couch cuz about 100 other people had the same idea as there were about 1000 people who commuted from as far south-west as Jerome, all the way up to Idaho Falls. Then it was time for class… Went to class till noon and then it was time for lunch, the best part of the day. We pretty much kept Taco Bell and Goodies in business for these two years. Goodies was our favorite. They had Pizza Bombs on special Mondays… 2 bucks for a Bomb, couldn't beat the price. There was even one week we had bombs for lunch every day of the week. Needless to say, we didn't eat at Goodies the next week After lunch, it was time for class again. History, Library and Education classes were the ones for me. I usually got out of class about 2. That meant two hours till the bus came for us. We would go over to the Gym for an hour to play Racquetball and lift weights. We only did that for an hour, then it was time for FUN! We would hit the computer lab in the Vo-Tech building… Brand new Pentiums with Internet access… needless to say, we spent many an hour in the lab doing "research". Then it was time to catch the bus. By the time we got out of town, it was about 4:30, and that mean and hour and a half till home… We entertained ourselves by playing Poker, not studying, playing more Poker, and not doing any more studying! By the time we got home, we were to tired to study, so we didn't. So, when did we study? Well, I had plenty of time between classes. Usually on Fridays we would take turns driving up so we could get home early. Even with this schedule, I still maintained a pretty good GPA. Oh, I even did a summer session. 4 of us drove up for 6 weeks. After 2 years, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education. My areas of study were History and Library Science. I guess I better thank Joaquin Ramirez, Beth and her mom Eddie Petrowski, Dan Hererra, Chuck Reis, Lecia Gummerson, Carrie Walters, Linda Turner, Sandy Tominaga and Nicole Lee. Some of the best friends a person could ever have.

I did my student teaching at Declo High School where I taught 9th grade Geography and 11th grade US History. Declo was a good school and has some great students. I then spent 8 weeks at Minico High School, my High Schools evil advasary where I was over the Library. I am qualified to teach history in grades 7-12, and be a librarian in a K-12 school. Presently, teach Computers to 6th, 7th and 8th graders at East Minico Jr. High School in Rupert Idaho. During the summer I enjoy the outdoors.

I have also taught comuter science courses at the College of Southern Idaho in the past.

I also have my own computer business.

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In addition to computers, I enjoy auto racing. Not only watching it on tv, but actualy taking the car to the track. I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX that I bought on July 8th, 1997! I not only autocross the car, but all drag race. Click on the link above more more information about my car, and my racing information (took 2nd place in my autocross division for the 1997 season).  I also enjoy target shooting.

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